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As an original member, I have been working Performance Changers since my sophomore year of high school and I can conclude that this program has indeed changed my life. What sets Performance Changers apart from any other workout program is that through working with Coach Lykes, adolescence not only develop into great athletes, but become even better leaders. Coach uses a hands-on approach that not only walks athletes through intense workout sessions, but yet also challenges their mental toughness. Coach keeps his athletes highly motivated by frequently asking them not only if they would like to be great, but how far they are willing to go to get there. Personally, I’ve watched both my mind and body do a complete three-sixty, all while developing a father-like relationship with Coach. Looking back, I am thankful I chose Performance Changers because I would not have molded into the successful young man that I am today. However, the opportunity to be great is available to anyone as me and Coach often say, “it only takes three times the work, give two time the effort, then you to blow up”.