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Performance Changers has made a profound difference on my son’s body, mind and spirt. My sons went from a little chubby to completely chiseled body in a matter of a few weeks. The detailed training, he received from Lonnie Lykes and his staff has made a lasting impression on the way my son workouts, eats and maintains his body. Performance Changers used unconvential methods such as 1:1 rap session, selected reading material to help bolster my son’s confidence as well as performance changers staff showing up to his athletic events. This organization truly understands that athletic and academic performance must be in tandem for a student to be successful in life. I really appreciate the emphasis that Performance Changers places on character building and integrity for each student within their program. As a parent that has seen life changing results in my own son, I would 100 percent recommend Performance Changers to any parent seeking to prepare their student athlete for the game of life.