Performance Changers is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organzation committed to developing
the athletic and educational growth of youth by fostering:

Scholarship • Committment • Goal Setting • Character Building

The Performance Changers organization workouts are mostly conducted one on one, focusing on mental and physical exercises that improve academic awareness, coordination, agility, speed, quickness, muscle strength and specific sport skill training. We unitize various training techniques to improve muscle movement and range of motion which helps the athlete increase their self confidence in their athletic performance. The training methods that we provide can and have been applied to all sports, with success. We also have the athlete work with outstanding and experienced trainers and coaches in their chosen sport. Our overall program encourages the student athlete to develop and cultivate a healthy, productive, and positive lifestyle through our mentoring program.

Our program model is we work three times harder, provide twice the focus and then we blow up with success.  No one works harder than we do. The Performance Changers organization is for those young people who have a strong desire to achieve, develop, and cultivate a healthy and positive lifestyle as a Performance Changer.

Head Performance Coach: Lonnie Lykes

Football (Receivers) & Track: Fred Kirkland

Football (Defensive Backs) Performance Coach: Tyrone Vance

Basketball Trainer: Ty Motley

Weight Room Trainer: Randall Greene


Parent: Leticia

Coach Lykes has been a true blessing to keep my son encouraged and engaged. I've witnessed a muscular transformation.  He now thrives with renewed strength,

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Athlete: Autumn

The Performance Changers program truly lives up to its name. Through these trainings my performance, at the collegiate level, was forever changed. 

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Parent: LoRita

Performance Changers has made a profound difference on my son’s body, mind and spirt. My sons went from a little chubby to completely chiseled body in a matter of a few weeks.

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Athlete: Myles

As an original member, I have been working Performance Changers since my sophomore year of high school and I can conclude that this program has indeed changed my life. 

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Athlete: Zack

My experience with Performance Changers was life changing to say the least. The focus was not only on physical improvement, but it built my mental focus and I became a better version of

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Parent: Mahalo Nui

I am truly blessed to have Performance Changers in my son's life.

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Parent: Jacob

As a parent I have been very impressed with the work that Coach Lykes

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Parent: A.L.

Coach Lykes has a genuine desire to help young athletes ascend toward their true potential.

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Athlete: Victoria

My experience with Performance Changers has been one of the most life changing experiences for me.

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